Ixim Ulew Rural Language School is now the Chico Mendes Language School

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– The Chico Mendes Team


The Ixim Ulew Rural Language School is a multilingual language school located in the village of Pachaj, outside the city of Cantel, eight kilometers from the departmental capital of Quetzaltenango (Xela).  At present, we offer Spanish courses at basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. We also offer courses in K’iche’, Mam, and other Mayan languages. The teachers for all of our language courses come from our own indigenous K’iche’ community. During their stay in Pachaj, language students live with local families, providing a unique opportunity for cultural exchange between students and families.

Profits from the Ixim Ulew Rural Language School are distributed in such as way as to provide the greatest possible benefit for our community, our local economy, and for the environment. In addition to providing employment for local teachers and income for families in our community, a percentage of the school’s earnings support the work of the Chico Mendes Reforestation Project, which is dedicated to the reforestation of communal lands in the mountains surrounding Cantel.  In this way, the school contributes to the conservation of the environment, and to the production of oxygen and clean water for the community and the world.